We handle EVERYTHING for you | Fully Managed Websites for ONE low price

Don't have time to BUILD a site?

About Brooklyn

Why OVERPAY for a website & support?

It's been almost THREE DECADES since the World Wide Web was launched.

Why does it still cost you hundreds of dollars per month to have a company design, host, and support your website?

We're changing the industry. Your site will be fully managed, custom developed, and with dedicated support for ONE low price.

About Brooklyn

We're changing the industry

We're doing all the hard work for you and we're NOT breaking your bank while doing it.

Competitor Premium Support

Only 1 (ONE) Credit for the price, STARTS AT:
$49.99 Per Month
  • ONE task uses 1 credit
  • Does NOT include creating a New Site
  • Does NOT include SEO Work
  • Does NOT upload files/content for you
  • Does NOT even include web hosting

Competitor Website Hosting

Hosting Only - Prices START at:
$35.00 Per Month
  • Does NOT build you a custom modular site
  • Does NOT include unlimited data (50GB)
  • Does NOT update / upload files for you
  • Does NOT include SEO services
  • Does NOT include creating a New Site
Our Service


All of our custom modular designs are mobile device optimized.


Our customers receive free SSL (100% Secured Website).
The green secure icon on the top left of your browser? We got you covered.

ONE LOW PRICE: $75 / month

You don't need to know ANYTHING about websites:
We do all the hard work so you don't have to!
No annual contracts, month to month only.

Our Service

Only $75 / month!

No annual contracts, cheaper than your small business internet bill, and ONE plan that includes:

  • Fully supported account management
  • Custom modular designed website
  • 100% Secured Website with Free SSL Certificate
  • Optimizing your website for search engines
  • Free emails @yourdomain.com
  • Hosting on Solid-State Drives for faster site performance
  • Global CDN so your customers can load your site fast from ANYWHERE

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