Yapings is an all-in-one website agency. A Yapings subscription includes content hosting, professionally designed module websites, dedicated email support, and more.

What is Yapings?

Yapings is a new approach in the website/hosting industry. For monthly subscription, we do everything for you from building your website, to hosting it, to making updates to it—no coding, web development experience, or technical knowledge required. We do it all for you.

What platform(s) does Yapings use to build your websites?

We currently utilize WordPress to build all of our websites. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. Used by more than 60 million websites, including 30.6% of the top 10 million websites. Some notable companies utilizing WordPress include but are not limited to CNN, Bloomberg, Sony Music, Mercedes-Benz and Target.

What does a Yapings subscription include?

With a subscription, you will get a custom designed modular website, web hosting, support, and much more.

Every full Yapings subscription includes:

  • Free email accounts (5GB of shared space)
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Custom Modular Designed Website
  • Global Distribution Network For SuperFAST Loading
  • Hosted on Solid State Drive Technology (up to 1000x faster)
  • Super Caching Service to Boost Site Load Speed
  • FREE SSL Certificate (100% Secured Website)
  • Power Redundancy (Enterprise-class UPS Technology)
  • Proactive Updates & Patches
  • Proactive Automatic Backups of Your Website
  • Backups On Demand
  • Easy to Use Support System (just send us an email!)
  • Need to Update Your Website? (we'll get it done; just send us an email!)
  • NO Yearly Commitment, just month-to-month!

What are the limits of Yapings' support?

While we will do almost everything needed to maintain your website, there are some things we are unable to assist with. If you need to update your website's blog post, you can send it over to us and we will post it on your behalf. If you would like to change a photo on your website, you can send us the request and we will work with you to get a different professional photo uploaded. However................we do not:

  • Code custom plugins for your website
  • Integrate eCommerce into your site but we can help setup a redirect to point to your Shopify shop or similar service
  • Create marketing strategies/campaigns for you
  • Execute your marketing campaigns
  • Integrate custom analytics coding onto your website
  • Manage your Google Tag Manager container (but can help add the container to your site)
  • Basically, if it's very custom, we won't be able to support it

We try to provide as much help as we can but are limited in our support. More premium support subscriptions will be available in the future which may address some of these more technical needs.

Does Yapings help get us licensed photos for our website?

Yes! We utilize several third party royalty free stock photo websites and every customer's website will have the proper licenses to use those photos.

What happens if we cancel our subscription?

Great question! We treat our websites as a "rental" where you are renting our created websites but with just your business' name on them. If you wish to migrate the website to another service provider, for a small fee, we can help export your files to the other provider. Please note that other providers typically charge you an additional fee when they import a site for you.

Why don't you have yearly packages?

While we may have yearly subscriptions in the future, we want our customer to know we believe and trust in our product. If at any time you are unhappy, you can cancel. We believe you'll love working with us that even in a month-to-month commitment, you'll want to stay with us in the long term. We don't want you to feel like you are locked in a contract. We trust that we will deliver a world-class product that you are happy with!

Is Yapings right for me?

If you are looking for a company & team to do everything for you for a price cheaper than your business' monthly internet bill, then yes! Yapings is right for you! If you want to tinker with websites, make changes yourself, etc - then we may not be a right fit at this time.